Gacha Policy

As someone using our Gacha machines you agree to this policy , we want to be fair and fun to everyone.

- First: please understand what Gacha is: Gacha is a random buy of chance & luck, and you’ll receive one random transferable item when you pay a machine. These item are usually divided between Rare and Common items, the rare items have, as the name suggests, a lower chance to be randomly drawn based on your luck & given out.

- Second: Its up to you to use the Gacha responsibly. The idea behind is, to trade or sell the ones you don`t like or got double.

- Third: If you did not received prize from machine, the reason is usually lag, in the sim. In this case, it will not be able to redeliver the item (because they are no copy permission). You should stop using the machine immediately and try later..

- Fourth: Please note we wont be able to assist with sales on Marketplace (where you can find many sales of items), or replace a damaged item you brought from 3rd parties, unless the damage was a known problem on the original item. ´ – Fifth: A Gacha item is transferable, not copyable. If you trade it away or lose it we cant replace it.  Please understand, we wont replace any product under any circumstance, if you lost it, didn’t got it, crashed, inventory loss, you don`t know where it is, sorry, we wont send you a new.

The exception are items we can verify that as defect or bugged -when you got it from our machine, not 3rd party traders- ).  On that case, you need to send us the transfer item to see, and if we do verify this, then we will replace it for another as corresponds.

- Sixth: We also don`t sell items outside of the Gacha in respect to our customers.

- Seventh: No Refunds, Exchanges or Redeliveries for any Gacha items under any circumstance.

Thank you. and Good Luck



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