#1 FAQ – Contact:

Q: I’ve been waiting for the staff or you to give me a response but still nothing. What now?

A: Please send us a notecard with an IM indicating that you are passing a notecard about it if it has been already more than 2 days that we have not given you a response prior to yours or an update! We don’t intend to ignore our customers. We aim to give smiles on your faces!


#2 FAQ – Something wrong?

Q: The furniture I bought seems to not be working or doing the animations properly. Why?

A: There could be a lot of reasons to why it may not be working but here’s a list of steps you could do before contacting us:

• We recommend you to always ALWAYS read the product description (or watch if there are any videos provided) or any notecard attached to the delivery since most of your questions can be located there!

• Make sure your AO is always off when doing animations

• If it still doesn’t work then try to remove that furniture and rezz a new one again and check

If none of the above work then please contact us.


#3 FAQ – im Unhappy!

Q: I’m mad / disappointed / frustrated / depressed and will give you a negative feedback for the product/s!!!

A: Please don’t. It isn’t our intention to make you feel all the negative emotions you’re experiencing with our product because of something that might just be a misunderstanding. We recommend you to ALWAYS and always contact us first before providing us a negative feedback. We always aim to satisfy and let our customers be happy and so we will help you with every concern you have.


#4 FAQ – I have an Idea!

Q: I’ve got an idea I would like Aphrodite to have/make or a product of yours I would like further improvements on.

A: Sure thing! Please go ahead and let me know what you’ve got in mind. We are always welcome for ideas and possibly even requests! Though please note that this is just a possibility and we cannot make promises. We are usually busy with our furniture projects lining up along all the time.


#5 FAQ – Furniture

Q: I want to resize my furniture but I cant! Please help me.

A: Most of our furnitures can’t be resized as they are no modify and are made out of mesh and that would mean also re-animating the animations and half of the whole work all over again. Usually only houses or others like boats and etc are the only ones that are modifyable. We hope you understand.

Q: I’m unlinking the product since I wanted to remove a specific item on the furniture but the one i want seems to not unlink. Can you do something about that?

A: Unfortunately we cannot. If a specific part of the furniture doesn’t seem to unlink with the rest of that part then it is fixed and we cannot do anything about it. The furniture is purposely meant to come as a whole, not to be taken apart individually.


#6 FAQ – Demo Rezzers

Q: I would like to see the demo of a certain product I found on the MP. Do you guys have it?

A: All the furnitures we have for sure has demo at our in world store. However most food / clothes would do not come with a demo.

Q: I’m having trouble finding the demo of the product I want to check at the inworld store in Aphrodite. Where should I go?

A: First you can always click on the blue teleporter on the group and just go to the appropriate category where you think the item is. Usually, most sections comes with one or a few white rezzer podiums called the HoloVendor. The HoloVendor comes with demos that you can click and they usually come in batches.

You use:

< or > to view the products on that particular batch and when you’re done checking all on that batch you may move on to the next batch by clicking << or >> and view that batch again using < or >. Once you found the product, you can then click the photo and click the “rez” on the middle top and it will load your demo.

This is how you browse and look for the product you would like to view as a demo. If you’re still having trouble then feel free to contact me!


#7 FAQ -  Reviews & Gift Cards

Q: I’ve been giving reviews from your products lately but I haven’t received my gift card yet or to whoever was the one I was talking with.

A: We apologize for the inconvenience that this has given you. For that we would like to ask for the product name/s or along with the link/s so that we can check it out for you and send you the gift card when necessary. Please send me a notecard with the details along with an IM message indicating that you’re passing a NC to us.


#7 FAQ – Restaurant

Q: I would like to make a reservation at Casa de Aromas Restaurant, or I would like to inquire about the restaurant.

A: Please do contact the Restaurant Manager, Aradia Aridian to assist you.


#8 FAQ – Adult Stuff

Q: I’m looking for the adult products of Aphrodite. Where can I find them?

A: Adult products aren’t located anywhere on the ground of the SIM, you will actually have to teleport up to the skydome on where we placed it. So go ahead and find a blue teleport and head to ADULT. Please, whilst testing, keep your clothes on and any attachments invisible /off.


#9 FAQ – I get a weird error message about not being able to auto-attach from my furniture.

Q: I’ve been getting an error code that is similar to this: “Could not auto-attach, because  the experience _______ by _______ is not enabled on the land.”

A: This has something to do with the new feature of Second Life called EXPERIENCES. Experiences are important on certain activities since they are to let Second Life automatically attach the item to you.

To allow this feature please follow the steps:

• If you have the updated version of Firestorm or Linden Lab viewer, find the feature over on “about land”. You can right click the ground on your land or click the “i” circle button on the URL bar that’s showing the name of the land.

• You then head over to “Experiences” tab and press “add” writing down “Avsitter”. Avsitter is a pose engine made by Code Violet that Aphrodite Shop uses.  Then press OK and you’re set!

• When you try the pose this time it will ask you once if you want to allow the experiences, please say Yes.

VOILA! No more errors or annoying pop ups from our product!

PLEASE NOTE: The furniture functions perfectly without doing those steps, you merely have to allow the item to attach every time you use the pose, like before.


#10 FAQ – I didnt get my Item!

Q: I bought the product but it never came to me. Can you please help me?

A: Sure! Please follow the steps to retrieve your COPY item:


• You can go ahead to the rezzing/landing point of our shop and look for the redelivery terminal stands near the entrance. We ask you to click on it and see if your product does get delivered. It wil open a website, detailing all items available for redelivery!


• Please take note that before you claim that you have not receive it, that you should check over on the “My Marketplace” > My account > Order history to see if the item did indeed get delivered or not. Usually when it fails, your lindens would not get deducted!


• If it still does not work, then we ask you to please send us the name of the product you have purchased over on the notecard along with an IM of you passing the notecard and we will deliver it personally for you.

NOTE: You wont be able to get TRANSFERable Items in this way as they are, well Transferrable.




#11 FAQ – Baby Furniture & my scripted prim baby

Q: I’m a parent and I woud like to know if any of your baby furniture are compatible to zooby, tatoo, latino, and more, prim babies and their stats?

A: Yes, prim babies can in fact be compatible with our baby furniture BUT only in a certain way, allow me to explain:

Unfortunately, the prim babies’ and their scripts are not modifyable unallowing the staff to change the scripts for the babies to move, animate or change stats along with the animations we give to the furniture. The creators of all the prim babies does not sell their scripts either, at least not in any manner making selling economic. Hence, no other store except theirs can enhance, update, change the scripts fitted to the need of a furniture.

With that as said, only you as the parent or avatar create the movements to where you have placed the baby on. Our furniture is ONLY FOR roleplaying purposes as you act out to love, take care, and do movements to your prim baby.

****Only things which our furniture does NOT do again is to change baby stats (scripts) like incrementing happiness, etc because once again the creators do NOT sell this scripts to anyone.

So, what can you do with your prim baby and our furniture:

* You can sit them or rezz or lye them on our furniture and then play the animations that the furniture has to interact with your prim baby. On the case of the new baby feeding chair, you can sit your prim baby on the chair, and then play the animations it has for dad alone, mom alone, or both together in order to interact with your baby playing with the baby, feeding the baby, and many others

* On same example with the baby feeding chair you may choose between over 32 different meals for a daily menu different every day, to serve it to your baby

* Also by playing the custom animations we make specifically for each furniture, you can show your baby a lot of love and care that otherwise you cant.

* You can RP a lot on many different scenes to have fun together as a family.

Before you make your purchase at Aphrodite shop, please be sure that you had tried already the available demos of each product,, and if you still have doubts, we have 2 CSRs available 24/7 to answer all your questions or concerns, as well as a FAQ online with all common questions answered..

If you have already bought a copy only product, not trying any demo, not reading descriptions, not reading FAQS and not contacting any staff member with any questions as we suggest, please note that we do not refund COPY only products, as its stated on our policies in the store and also in MP stores clearly in advance.

Any further clarifications or confusions, feel free to IM and ask :)

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