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A word…

For the ones that dont know this, and think that Aphrodite Shop its only myself, well here are the News.

Wven when I did start Aphrodite over ten years ago myself alone, its been over 8 years now, Aphrodite is a group of people working happily together.

We count with 6 talented 3d modellers working for us for many years now, my partner Jaylin is the one who makes the animations and animated every furniture or build we make, and we also have two talented photographers, Aracuan Lokaria the older and Elaine Lectar the newest. We also count with a big team of 60 amazing bloguers who we love, a bloguers manager,  a CSR manager and more. We love what we do and we make everythning with love, maybe thats why we are so grateful of having right now so many loyal customers. We do participate as well on several events, some doesnt require a exclsuive build made or even original mesh as we make and accept templates, others not, each event has very specific demands or requirements which we always met, thats why gladly we can say we had never a trouble with a single event organizer on all these years.

And why this long introduction you may be wondering, well it calls my attention that last week,  I received a very nasty, accusing and rude message of a man called Vince lorenzo striker, in Facebook, accusing our store of lying to our customers about making original mesh and using templates instead.

Dear MR Striker, let me inform you, that once that we actually make any original mesh, its our total right, as said before, if the event owner allows it, to sell that mesh even in Marketplacr, 3d sites, or wherever else we like, as its ours and being of our intellectual property we can do as we like with it. The list of the modellers who work for us is on our profiles, some have a MP store and sell some templates, others not, depends on what, once again, depends for which event :) Our suggestion for you Mr Striker, please try using your time for something productive, or good instead, for a change, and you will see changes on your life very soon! Also when you speak about Aphrodite Shop, now you know thats its not only me but a large group of human beings who deserve respect. And have a nice happy SL.


Dear customers and friends, this person, not even having the bit of dignity and humatity required for at least checking the infos before accusing someone, had even taken the time to post his fake accusations, as our staff informed us yesterday, on a very well known bullies site. We wont reply there, because Aphrodite simply do not support bullies, who hide behind anonymity to spread their hate, or that site which encourages this same.

Sorry for the long post which I think never had happened before, sorry to all collegues designers who have to undergo maybe for this same kind of situation with haters in social networks, Cyberbullying does suck and we will always be against to.


Marina Ramer

Jaylin Whitewood

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