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New At Sanarae: Snowman Christmas Tree

At Sanarae we have for you a Christmas Tree… and 2 Gachas” Magical Winter desserts table” and “Christmas Sweet decorations”

gacha!   This Christmas tree is available in PG, ADULT and FAMILY posesets. 37918274204_dae10f8283_zYour Sled: 37918317624_9a4e82f8ef_b ❉ Texture changer tree to multiple colors: green, snowed, frost, golden, white, silver & more

❉ Multi musical with many Christmas traditional songs to hear together at home.

❉ Lollies dispenser for everyone! ❉ Deco your own tree as you like: add sparkles, lights, candles, lightchains, a cozy polar rug on floor, you name it! ❉ Animated with many custom made highest quality animations, scenes and props in different versions: PG, adults or Family. Merry Xmas! 24816682158_0396a8ab21_z 24816681358_3fce79e0fc_z   26913498519_5a332b46a0_z






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