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For Fantasy Faire!

Fantasy fair its already opened today! Spectacular created fantasy worlds for you to travel to pure fantasy. This year we are localed on ” The hill” a Hobbit themed sim, so we are offering this new Medieval releases, and 3 of them 100% benefit to RFL!

Please dont miss visiting this amazing event!

~♥~ The Medieval banquet set: fits medieval or gorean theme, complete with feast foods & drinks and animated seats.


~♥~ The cheeses tower: inspired on one of the chapters of Game of Thrones, this cheeses tower is one of a Kind.

33324464754_27370e3af5_z(1)   ~♥~ The pork feast platter, animated!

33324462994_a2ede2db2a_z~♥~ The RFL tree: a very unique and original tree that instead of leaves has…ribbons! of all colors. Drops pink ribbons, has wind system and resizer script.


~♥~ The hobbits tree: a family oriented made tree, for parents to play with up to 2 kids!





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