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Cooking (and dining) like the french!

As promised we had release our new kitchen today!

This kitchen its inspired by an RL model, a luxury french country kitchen!

With this kitchen you may choose a PG & family version or an adults one. It has many cool scenes also low prims that rezzes and over 98 props, between hundreds of high quality animations without any waste. You will be able to cook realistically, same than we do in RL, as its deeply interactive, and you may cook the meals from “raw” to “done” in minutes in the oven, and then serve them on the placemats when they are done.




As customary, the kitchen can prepare 34 dishes, cookied realistically in oven or on the fire…. delivered to  your placemates when done.

Demos available inworld!


The kitchen itself, sink, stools and even oven are color changer to wonderful options.

32048742382_f1c7d21a0b_oSome new animations that we had custom created for families RP: Making pizzas together, preparing hot dogs together, learning how to cook as family, preparing a salad table together, and making pancakes with cream as a family of 4!

Continuing the french theme, we offer the fitting dining room too!




Bon Apperit!




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