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A bit of magic…


New “Magic Land” Musical & animated Wedding invite or souvenir


New Magical, unique and original wedding invite or souvenir! Personalized, custom made for each customer.

This magical, musical globe will transport you to a land of enchantment where fairies, princesses, castles, and unicorns all exist in perfect harmony.

If you look closely inside the globe, you will find a charmed path winding through an enchanted forest where a unicorn lives. Fairies fly, dragons wander, and princes and princesses live happily ever after. Beautiful rainbows bathe the blissful scene in a soft, colorful light and captivate all who behold.

If you click on the lock, you will hear a delightful music box song, and if you click anywhere else, the key will magically hover in the air before it turns in the lock to reveal an elegant scroll that will display whatever text you would like on your wedding invitation or souvenir




New shabby chic “rosebuds tea” tray



Aphrodite magical unicorns tea tray service



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