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Happy 4th July!



Aphrodite 4th July buffet party set


Aphrodite 4th july desserts table setMarketplace:

Aphrodite 4th july party mega setMarketplace:


And for a Sunny Afternoon Cruise, we have the proper bike:


Snapshot_001   Snapshot_013


Of course if you dont like the whole Party.. click here for individual options:

Aphrodite 4th july sweets dispenser 2Marketplace;

Aphrodite 4th july American burgers & pizza warmer platter

Marketplace:   Aphrodite 4th july American hot dogs & kebab warmer platter  Marketplace: Aphrodite 4th july balloons arches with or without fireworksMarketplace: Soon

Aphrodite 4th july beer coolers setMarketplace:

Aphrodite 4th july ice cream cones platterMarketplace:

Aphrodite 4th july sweets dispenserMarketplace:

Aphrodite 4th July cupcakes dispenserMarketplace:

Aphrodite 4th july desserts dispenser 2Marketplace:

Aphrodite 4th july desserts dispenserMarketplace:

Aphrodite 4th july outdoors lanternsMarketplace:

Aphrodite 4th july fried chicken dispensersMarketplace:

Aphrodite 4th July beer stand dispenserMarketplace:  Soon

Aphrodite 4th july fruits pizza platterMarketplace:

Aphrodite 4th july patriotic kebabs dispenserMarketplace:

Aphrodite decorative sauces setMarketplace:

Aphrodite Patriotic spaghetti platterMarketplace:

Aphrodite Patriotic lasagneMarketplace:

Aphrodite 4th july fries buckets



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