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The Secret Greenhouse!


Aphrodite is very proud to present: Our new Summer Greenhouses!

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Greenhouses-the very things of summer, lush and flourishing green dreams, and, of course, the beauty of nature.

As the joy and warmth of summer arrives, so those the need to have one our delicious greenhouses. Filled with countless flowers and vegetation, you are sure to add the beauty and glory of summer to your home and/or sim.

The greenhouses come loaded with animations that will allow you the joyous moment of tending to your greenhouse garden.

These beautiful greenhouses are adorned with wonderfully crafted pieces of art, furnishings, and activity poses that will allow your friends and family the opportunity RP, and to take in the wonders of your greenhouse.

Our greenhouses are sure to spruce up the flora of your world!

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Set includes:

♥ Glass house build: 10 LI. With animated doors. COPY& MOD. you may retexture it or mod as you like, even make it part of your house by removing a wall or its doors.

♥ Interactive Plants: Many different hand painted pots with plants and flowers  2-4 LI each /  with 5 single animation on each plant individually, including, talking to plant, singing to plant, meditating, nursing plant, taking care of leaves and dirt, etc.

♥ Fully animated water fountain with sounds and flying butterfly: 10 LI

♥ Gardeners Toolbox decorative with seeds, empty pots, dirt, shovel, rake, and more: 5 LI

♥ Hanging Lamps 5 LI. With function On/Off

♥ Wooden frames with garden art: 3 Pictures 1 LI each

♥ Standing Lamps 4 LI. With function On/Off

♥ Animated Sliding Doors 5 LI

♥ Couples Sofa: 9 LI:
18 Solo
4 Standing Couple
2 Dancing Couple
5 Activity Couple
5 Standing Couple
2 Dance Couple
12 Laying Couple
30 Cuddle Couple
19 Props

Loveseat/ Lounge Couple Chair: 8 LI
6+5  Solo Sitting
8 Couple Cuddles
4 Couple Activity
3 Props

Single Chair: 5 LI
8 Solo Sit
4 Solo Activity
6 Solo Gentleman
10 Props

Single Pouf: 3 LI
8 Single Sits

Animated table:   3 LI
7 Couple animations
8 Props
Rezzes scenes for board game, playing cards, eating cheeses & wine, drinking beer with peanuts and more.

All Props with Attach-on-Ok-System. This means that no anymore unnecessary creating of props on your inventory and manually attaching, now the props goes automatically to your hand when needed and disappears when you stand or change animation. Also pose balls free system with adjusting poses to fit all avatars!

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