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Good Morning, the coffee is ready!


NEW Aphrodite Gourmet coffee maker

Aphrodite will release a new generation of coffee makers: original innovative, and unique!

There is nothing that can brighten your morning like the seductive aroma of freshly brewed coffee. The anticipation of that first delectable sip is enough to shake out the cobwebs and send you off smiling.

Here is the first release our Gourmet coffee maker with on/off sounds, a true self starter.

Gourmet coffee makerMarketplace:

Totally programmable & totally a coffee connoisseur, this morning maker steps up to every cup with gourmet brilliance. From automatically choosing the optimal brewing temp to extracting even more flavor from grinds!

Delivers a dozen of exquisite and different original coffee blends for everyone to drink and enjoy.

Rezzes 9 diffrent types of coffee, and 3 options “to go”. A dozen of wonderful options to choose from! Animated cups attach automatically (no more creating props and items on your inventory and attaching them manually).


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