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The Autumn Lovenest!

You will fall in love with this beautiful New England style house, made of warm woods, loving wall decals and so many details and fireplaces that makes all rooms cozy.

Heart Homes Autumn Lovenest


A small cottage, maybe in a garden. It grew over time, from a simple shed to your private home.. just for you.. and your sweetheart. The perfect place to spend an Autumn together and get over the winter.
A gorgeous veranda with huge fireplace has double doors into a small but immensely cozy living room.


A side door admits you to the big bedroom with bay windows allowing a look out into the gardens even in the coldest winter. Well-Isolated windows and a double fireplace Keep both rooms it cozy. Overhead windows give light in both rooms.


A backwards door leads into an older veranda, now glassed over, and made into a hobby room..or a place to enjoy breakfast.. up to you.


From this one, a sidedoor leads the newest addition of a small bathroom, perfect for that romantic tub.


Only 65 prims + optional climbing leaves for outdoors veranda and outdoors fireplace (12 prims more each). All fireplaces are menu controlled. Doors are lockable.


Size: total with terrace outside included 17m x15m x 7m height. Perfect for a small 1024 land!


A total of 5 rooms, with outside room, living and 3 more rooms. Many airy spaces and glass, even glass roofs.


The veranda outside has a heart on the roof form where you may see the sky up, or cover it with climbing leaves on autumn and adding yourself snow for winter.


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