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For mommies, babies & dads!


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Chair Partial Mesh. Only 5 prims complete with ottoman included. LI is 8. Copy. Custom animated for Mom alone, mom & Baby or Mom & Dad, or Mom, Dad & Baby with 23 animations!!!

One of the things that expectant mothers are excited about is the idea that they get to design their baby’s room. It is something to keep them busy and occupied while waiting for their due.

When you’re expecting a new baby, every decision is an important one. Which is the best car seat? What color do you paint your nursery? Disposable or cloth diapers? Whatever your decisions, it’s important to make sure you have a comfortable place to to sit with your baby so you both can relax. We can help picking a glider rocking chair for your nursery an easier task because we made the best and more comfortable chair ever just for you!

With its straight back, support pillow and ergonomic arm height for feeding your baby, this beautifully designed rocking chair offers clean lines and incredible comfort with its high back low arm rests and so cozy, manufactured with the highest quality leather and spronge seating, and the best wood for reminiscent of sophistication, elegance, and class.

With this classy nursery seat that includes the ottoman you will be able to love, adore, rock, feed, sleep, caress, hug, kiss, breastfeed, feed with bottle or play with your baby, alone or also with Dad participation!

Thats the amazing thing about Heart Homes furnitures, they are not only thought for mommy but also for daddy, to interact together with their baby.

***They may use ANY PRIM BABY with this furnitures, doesnt matter which scripts they got, regardless of the manufacturer***

The chair provides the necessary props on the right moments, unlimitedly.

The chair will be useful since your first pregnancy month, letting you enjoy the feeling of being a mother, resting, thinking, dreaming, reading our included book for expectant mothers, and doing many activities for your unborn baby like knitting different sweaters, shoes or hats for the baby, also with crochet or embroiderers for making toys for the baby room, pillows and so much more.

After the baby arrived, mommy and daddy will both show the baby how much they love him/her, singing, playing, caressing, lullaby, sleeping feeding the baby with so many activities for all the family, all loving, all so sweet and tender to share special moments together.

Please feel free to try out this chair at Aphrodite Shop in Second life

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